Central and Memorial Host World Language Art Show

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Students from both Central High School and Memorial Junior High School attended the World Language Art Show on December 3 and 4 in Central’s library. Students viewed Deaf, French, Haitian, Italian, Japanese, Latin American, Japanese and Spanish art and recorded certain aspects of different paintings, including theme, style and the medium in which the work was painted on a graphic organizer. They use their experience at the art show for both speaking tasks and writing tasks.
Students in the American Sign Language classes wore earplugs while they attended the art show so that they could experience the art show like someone with hearing loss. They viewed deaf art and use sign language to discuss the paintings.
Enhanced sections of Caribbean art were also a highlight this year. Cuban, Dominican, Haitian and Puerto Rican art was on display, replete with bright acrylic colors to showcase the cultures’ diversity. Two paintings from Marisa Díaz y Díaz, Spanish teacher at Central, were also popular.

Italian art featured Renaissance and Baroque as well as some of the more modern favorites, like Modigliani. The artwork from Japan focused on paintings that reflected upon the importance of nature.
Each year students enjoy the World Language Art Show that allows the students to see so many great works of art right in their own school library.