South High School Celebrates Senior Class

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The evening of May 26 brought cheers of pride and excitement outside Valley Stream South High School as seniors and staff members celebrated their Falcon family. The students and their parents formed a Falcons car parade through the driveway and parking lot while administrators and faculty members wearing coordinating red t-shirts and masks held up bright banners. 

Principal Maureen Henry greeted attendees as their vehicles entered the school grounds and teachers waved and clapped. Many cars were ornamented with balloons, streamers and messages for the Class of 2020. It was a festive setting with music, decorations and curbside booths where lawn signs and gift bags were distributed thanks to the generosity of the PTSA and Parents Club. Each senior’s name was announced and displayed on the electronic sign, and the Valley Stream Fire Department Engine Company 343 joined in with energy and applause.  

The enthusiasm at this event was evident despite the masks and distancing as those at South united in school spirit and bright futures.