Memorial Students Present Virtual Business

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Memorial Junior High School’s Virtual Enterprise students, under the guidance of teacher Susan Krause, participated in their first virtual business plan presentation. They did an excellent job pitching their simulated business, Blooming Botanicals, which sells all-natural products. 

The Virtual Enterprise class creates, markets and sells in the virtual world with other companies from around the globe. The Memorial students spent time this school year developing the concept for the brand and preparing promotional items including print advertisements, a commercial, social media accounts and a brochure. They shared these materials, along with their business plan, before a panel of judges and mentors via Google Meet. 
Blooming Botanicals specializes in shampoo, conditioner, body wash, beard oils and essential oils that are paraben, carcinogen and sulfate free, with no added toxins. All products come in mint, citrus and lavender aromas as well as a scentless charcoal for customers with sensitive skin. Students were in the process of growing mint and lavender in order to make a tangible product. Their motto is, “A clean place is a safe place.”

The company is student-run, with Alyssa Santiago and Edgar Linares serving as Co-CEOs. Alyssa also leads the HR department, which includes Rachelle Erisnor, and Sukijai Clarke-Phillips. Cristian Cu leads marketing department members Douglas Calles-Ortiz and Daniel Leon while Memoona Mustafa is head of the graphic design department, comprised of Emily Martinez and Leah Massiah. Rakesh Mangru is the head of accounting with members Nathaniel Oumarjeet and Leon Roopnarine, and the website team consists of Alexander Montero and Kayla Larosiliere. 

According to Virtual Enterprise International, the VE provides a solution for schools to offer all students meaningful skills-based career experiences. Through hands-on, task-based curricula, students test drive potential careers and develop in-demand skills and competencies that post-secondary institutions and employers are seeking. By managing the day-to-day operations of a company, students not only develop business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, they also identify career pathways that align with their interests, talents, and aspirations.