On Tuesday, May 11, Andrew DeMarsico, 2005 Central graduate, spent a half day at Central. Andrew addressed Participation in Government classes. He talked to students about his close friends during high school, his lack of direction while at Central and a major change he made in his life.

After spending one semester at Nassau Community College, Andrew made a firm decision to enlist in the Navy to get an education and to get training applicable to civilian life. He has not looked back. He has done three tours in Afghanistan attached to an Electronic Attack Squadron. He spoke about his positive experiences in the Navy and described the lives of the people in Afghanistan. He has received several distinguished medals for his service and is extremely humble about them.

Andrew credits the influence of his Central teachers and the skills they provided him for getting through some very difficult times in the military. He advised students to work hard, to reflect on the directions of their lives and to pay attention to current events. Andrew recently enlisted in the Navy for another four years and will spend the next two years in the Pacific Fleet. After the two years, he will train for submarine duty.

Andrew’s classroom experience culminated with a luncheon at Dr. Pompilio’s conference table. Mr. Critchley, social studies teacher, was instrumental in planning the day and was full of pride at the sight of Andrew speaking in front of his classroom. Dr. Pompilio  thanked Andrew for his service and was extremely impressed with his presence, demeanor and accomplishments. Central has once again influenced a person who is affecting change in Valley Stream, the country and the globe.

Thank you Andrew.