South High School Signs On for Safe Driving

South High School hosted a campaign to prevent texting and driving, provided by the Allstate Foundation. Representatives from Allstate spoke to juniors and seniors about the importance of safe driving and addressed risk factors and distractors to be aware of.

The Allstate Foundation presented the school with a $1,000 check, which will be used in the spring to promote safe driving when prom season approaches. Members of South High School’s SADD organization will explore and lead initiatives to emphasize practices that will help protect those on the roads.

The presentation brought to light the dangerous impact of distracted driving, listing various statistics. After hearing the startling facts, students signed their names on a banner representing their pledge to refrain from texting while driving.

Allstate also provided students with cell phone pockets to keep mobile devices out of reach for those behind the wheel, and offered materials and posters that highlighted other safety measures, such as wearing seatbelts.