North HS Students Bare their Soles for Charity


Approximately 20 students from Valley Stream North High School’s SADD Club embarked on a barefoot walk in support of the Barefoot4them campaign on Oct. 16.

The event, sponsored by Soles4Souls, seeks to bring awareness of poverty as a problem that plagues parts of the world, while also providing shoes to those in need. In recent years, NHS has donated more than 1,000 pairs of shoes to those in need, both in the United States and globally.

Early in the morning, SADD Club members, along with their advisor, Ms. Duran, walked for one mile without shoes. They experienced the discomfort that many people without proper footwear suffer through each day and gained a greater appreciation for helping others, as well as a stronger sense of gratitude for the items they have in their closets.

“I truly love the Soles4Souls charity and hope to continue to contribute to their cause: stomping out poverty one sole at a time,” Ms. Duran said following the event. Later this year, Ms. Duran will raise money to support the charity by running the New York City Marathon in their name. She hopes to collect $1,000 for the campaign, with every dollar correlating to a pair of shoes.

Soles4Souls supports orphanages, homeless shelters, women’s domestic abuse shelters, inner-city hospitals and micro-enterprises in developing countries. For more information about the charity and the Barefoot4them campaign, visit Soles4Souls’ website,