Mayhem Poets Inspire at Memorial

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Ninth-grade students at Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School learned lessons that were presented in the form of rhymes, remarks and rhetoric by the guest group, Mayhem Poets.

The show’s stars, Scottt Raven, Mason Granger, Mikumari Ciayhe and Kyle Rapps, put a unique and modern spin on poetry as most people know it, infusing literature with hip-hop, theatre, improvisation and comedy in a manner that keeps young audiences entertained. During their visit to Memorial, they shared inspiring messages and emphasized the importance of good character through rhythmic phrases, quick wit and engaging performance skills.

The Mayhem Poets took turns reciting poetry, sometimes individually and other times pairing up. For one stanza, they even included two faculty members to complete their statements.

In between acts, the presenters addressed the students and discussed their work as well as the meanings behind their words. They explained that poetry can be “cool,” and highlighted the connection with hip-hop. The poets also stressed the importance of avoiding stereotypes, rumors and negativity, as conveyed through their verses.