North HS Students Fold Kindness into Sandwiches for the Hungry

Members of Valley Stream North High School’s National Honor Society and English as a New Language Buddy Program collaborated on an effort to help others. Through teamwork and kindness, the students tirelessly made more than 1,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for distribution at the Interfaith Nutrition Network in Hempstead.

Equipped with 100 loaves of bread and plentiful supply of peanut butter, jelly and Nutella, the students took on their goal of feeding the hungry. They demonstrated creativity and a knack for strategic thinking. While some students worked in groups to build the perfect sandwiches through assembly-line systems, others did so individually and handled each step from start to finish.
As the result of this initiative, 1,037 people received nourishing meals. The North students also included personalized notes on each sandwich, sharing encouraging messages such as, “VSN loves you,” “Have a great day,” and “VSN cares about you!”

“It was a pleasure contributing to this cause that helps promote community well-being,” said North High School senior Monica Campos. “Each time we participate in this type of activity, the students at North are able to see the difference they can make in helping others through making sandwiches. It was wonderful to have so many students work together to collaborate in helping others.”