Memorial Junior High Students ‘On a Roll’ with Success

On March 7, Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School launched a new program called On a Roll, aimed to recognize the successes of students in all areas, across all grades.

Students who improved their grade by five or more points received certificates to honor their achievements and efforts. The administration and teachers are hopeful that these acknowledgments of success will inspire students to continue working diligently in their academics and make positive changes both in and outside of school.

A day of celebration was created as more than 1,200 certificates were distributed, 398 of which were presented at the seventh-grade level, 457 at the eighth-grade level and 381 among ninth-graders.

Throughout the day, a sense of pride was felt throughout the building as students shared their certificates and enthusiasm with peers. The On a Roll concept was initially presented to the administration by teachers Laura Dunham and Kim Cazzetto. The program is designed to praise students for their efforts and help them to develop a growth mindset.