Family Fun Adds Up on Math Night at South

Valley Stream South High School’s first-ever Family Math Night drew approximately 80 attendees on March 14, also popularly recognized as Pi Day. The objective of the event, sponsored by the PTSA and Math Department, was to bring special awareness to the many real-life applications of math while simultaneously providing a family-friendly atmosphere.

Students, parents and teachers engaged in mathematics challenges and put their skills to the test in order to find solutions to various problems. An assortment of stations presented opportunities to explore estimation, geometry, measurement and much more.

Activities included guessing the number of marbles in the jar, matching different shaped polygons, finding the unit rate of the number of bubbles popped in a minute, creating figures with toothpicks, using gum drops and toothpicks to build structures strong enough to support a textbook, moving the number of pennies to get one penny, predicting how many falcons covered the school’s falcon head mascot and solving trivia questions about patterns.

At the end of the evening, prizes were awarded to the top contestants.