VSCHSD Welcomes 15 New Teachers

In late August, the Valley Stream Central High School District extended a warm introduction to 15 new teachers for the 2016-17 school year. The new staff members were invited to attend a three-day orientation program, during which they met administrators, participated in a variety of workshops and spent time in their respective school buildings preparing for the start of the new year.

The district welcomes the following new faculty members:

Rebecca Noreman (Central HS)
Stephanie Peace (Memorial JHS
Rob Tronolone (Memorial JHS)
Alexandra Daly (Central HS)
Michelle Hoffman (South HS)
Michael Favuzzi (Memorial JHS)
Kathryn Madden (South HS)
John Caraccia (Central HS)
Geoffrey Carr (South HS)
Stewart Ratzken (Memorial JHS)
Rosemarie Filippi (North HS)
Paige McCarthy (South HS)
Sherrie House (South HS)
Rochelle Robinson (Central HS)
George Karahalis (Central HS)