Memorial Makes Promises to Prevent Bullying

Memorial Junior High School took a stand against bullying during the week of Oct. 17, coinciding with National Bullying Prevention Month. Students filled out anti-bullying pledge cards with ideas of how to make a difference.

In their own words, the students offered promises to support peers, demonstrate kindness and treat others with respect. The collected pledges were crafted, by members of the BRAVE club, into a paper chain that spells out “MJHS” and is currently on display in the building’s lobby to keep awareness strong.

Photos Courtesy of Valley Stream Central High School District
1 & 2: Seventh-grader John Youseff’s pledge to help peers and put an end to bullying.
3: Memorial teacher Benjamin Tangney explained the initiative to students as he distributed pledge cards.
4: BRAVE club members formed the pledges into a chain that spells out “MJHS.”