North HS Students Experience the Medical Field

Valley Stream North High School’s science research students participated in an engaging and hands-on learning experience at Northwell North Shore Manhasset. Prior to this visit, the students learned about the hospital's history, statistics of surgeries performed each year and the size of Northwell as a company.

During their time at the facility, the group from North had the opportunity to go up to the Helipad and learn how traumas are brought in by both Northwell helicopters and Nassau County Police. They toured the Emergency Room and discovered how patient care is managed from all of the different positions, visited the research area at the hospital where ongoing studies are being conducted for cases such as frequency of sepsis, and met with volunteer services to learn about ways to give back.

As a highlight to this day, the students learned how ultrasound is changing the face of ER medicine and used ultrasound devices to scan ER residents and fellows. They practiced scanning the lungs, heart, vasculature, eye, thyroid, liver and spleen.