Memorial Receives Inviting School Award

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Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School has received a 2016 Inviting School Award, presented by the International Alliance for Invitational Education. IAIE Executive Director Joan Fretz visited the school on Dec. 7 to provide a commemorative plaque and banner to Principal Bret Strauss and all of Memorial’s dedicated administrators and faculty members.

Inviting School Awards are bestowed upon schools that have implemented philosophies that support an approach to education known as Invitational Education. Memorial was selected based on a portfolio application that detailed the overall school climate, collaboration among staff, students and parents and many team building events and character education initiatives throughout the school year.

The IAIE’s feedback regarding Memorial’s submission stated, “Each of the Five P’s (Places, People, Programs, Policies and Processes) have been addressed and improved through comprehensive efforts. Respect, Trust, Care, Optimism and Intentionality are qualities that the awards committee and school assessors found consistently among people and practices at the school.”