South Students Take Steps Toward the Future

Valley Stream South High School held a career day on Jan. 12. Tenth-grade students were exposed to a variety of vocational fields, encouraged to think about potential areas of interest and advised on how to pursue them.

The event began with a keynote address presented by Bob Wolf, founder of the HOPE program; an initiative that helps to prepare students for a competitive job market. Wolf has four decades of experience in the business world and leads presentations on leadership skills and other important qualities for job seekers.

Following the opening session, students attended classroom presentations led by professionals from a variety of occupations. Among the many fields represented were law, photography, speech pathology, journalism, banking, social work, medicine, social media, engineering, emergency response and psychology.

South’s Career Day tied into a guidance unit on careers. That evening, a districtwide tenth-grade college information night was held as another part of students’ paths toward the future.