Central High School celebrates Library Week

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Valley Stream Central High School emphasized the value of literacy and learning resources during its annual Library Week program, held from April 3-7 in conjunction with National Library Week. Each day featured activities and informative sessions for both students and educators, thanks to the efforts of Library Media Specialist Lisa DiChiara and other library staff in collaboration with the English and Performing Arts departments.
The initiative kicked off with the introduction of a Poem in Our Pocket Scavenger Hunt, for which students had five days to use clues and uncover 25 poems in origami pockets that the Japanese class created. Staff members visited the library to view a video preview of new features coming in September, and students participated in brain pop quizzes on important topics.

Classes visited the library on a rotational basis throughout the remainder of the week. Members of the Performing Arts department performed their winning act from the Hofstra Shakespeare Festival, which portrayed a scene from The Tempest, before audiences of peers. Groups also led amusing presentations that involved Shakespearean insults. During a Narrative 4 Story Exchange Movement, students were paired off and shared stories about their lives, and then told their partners’ stories in the first person. This exercise promoted empathy and social awareness. In a separate activity, students shared original poetry, recited favorite poems and discussed books that have impacted them.

Staff members attended a library luncheon and Lightbox presentation, which introduced them to new interactive books to incorporate into their lessons and curricula. Through Central’s library web page, students and faculty have access to numerous interactive books that cover a variety of subject areas and include audio and picture components. In September, the school will introduce an online version of Encyclopedia Britannica that boasts many interactive tools.