Central students pledge to drive safely

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Valley Stream Central High School students broadened their awareness of safe driving on May 25, when the International Save a Life Tour provided an impactful visit. Through interactive simulators, speaking presentations and videos, the program informs, educates, and demonstrates the potential consequences resulting from poor choices and decisions made by the operator of a motor vehicle.

The Save a Life Tour specifically places emphasis on the following driving situations: Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, Driver Experience, Improper Driver Behavior and Seat Belt Usage. Presenter Devon Watson provided an introduction at the start of the school day, and students then visited the gymnasium on a rotational basis to participate in activities that allowed them to experience for themselves what it would be like to be in the driver’s seat under these circumstances.

Two simulators offered opportunities for students to witness the dangers associated with impaired driving and texting while driving. They realized the risky scenarios that drivers can put themselves and others in, and left with a stronger appreciation for safety on the roads.

“It’s pretty scary,” said student Danielle Haye after experiencing the texting while driving simulator. “I wouldn’t do it.” Student Nolan Granda saw the dangers of impaired driving through the other simulator. “You could really feel it. It made me realize what it’s like,” he said. Without hesitation, they both signed a banner, as did many of their peers, pledging to help save a life by driving responsibly. Students also took surveys and received wristbands.