Central Student Places in Japanese Speech Contest

Central Student Places in Japanese Speech Contest Photo

Julienne Poitevien, a student from Valley Stream Central High School, participated and placed 4th in the 14th Annual Aurora Japanese Language Scholarship Foundation All-USA High School Japanese Speech Contest, which took place in the Humanities Instructional Building in the University of California, Irvine from May 26-28.The Aurora Foundation granted Julienne a free, all-expense paid trip to Irvine, CA for earning 2nd Place in the North East division of the Japanese speech contest in March.

Speaking about her experience, Julienne said, “There was an orientation party for the contestants, host families, and other important guests when I first arrived in Irvine. At the party, I met the other contestants and our host families. Thanks to the fun, light atmosphere, the delicious homemade food and the kind volunteers, I felt very comfortable. On Saturday, the day of the contest, I was very nervous, but the contestants helped each other to feel better. We spoke with many guests, volunteers and each other, and we all had fun. Everyone’s speech was amazing, each one having a unique topic and perspective. On Sunday, I had to leave which was difficult. The host family was so kind to me and I definitely did not want to leave such a beautiful area. As we boarded the plane, I reflected upon how important it is to learn about other languages and cultures.”