VSCHSD welcomes 19 new teachers

VSCHSD welcomes 19 new teachers photo
On August 28, the Valley Stream Central High School District extended a warm introduction to 19 new teachers for the 2017-18 school year. 

The new staff members were invited to attend a three-day orientation program, during which they met administrators, participated in a variety of workshops and spent time in their respective school buildings preparing for the start of the new year.

The district welcomes the following new faculty members: 

Valeria Tovar (Memorial)
Kristen Radovic (South)
Lindsey Targe (South)
Kristen Silk (North)
Gregory Sims (Memorial)
Jennifer Magnes (Memorial)
Michael Whelan (Memorial)
Elizabeth LiPuma (Central)
Joseph Aguila (South)
Joseph Mando (North)
Alison Mulkeen (North)
Gregory Gonzalez (Memorial)
Christi McLarney (North)
George Karahalios (North)
Thomas Dwyer (South)
Veronique Galyhardt (Memorial)
Nancy Gomez (North)
Natasha Rezende (Central)
Peter Ostrander (Memorial)