Memorial Makes Hard Times Easier for Those Impacted by Hurricanes

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Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School students and staff members have been putting their hearts into helping others that were in the paths of this season’s destructive hurricanes. In addition to raising funds to support a fourth-grade class in Texas that was affected by Hurricane Harvey, Memorial is collecting donations for those in Puerto Rico that endured losses from Hurricane Maria.

Special Education Department Chair Tracy Alesia reached out to Mauriceville Elementary School teacher Tanya Farewell and explored ways to lend helping hands to Texas. Much like parts of Long Island following Superstorm Sandy, the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Consolidated Independent District experienced flooding from Hurricane Harvey and has had to make due in continuing its education program while recovering from extensive damage.

Memorial students embraced a philanthropic homeroom competition with enthusiasm, and raised a total of $1,834 in proceeds for Ms. Farewell’s class. Additionally, one class is preparing letters for those in Texas. While the activity involves lessons in empathy and compassion, it is also teaching valuable skills about the writing and editing process.

In an unrelated effort that is equally as impactful, Memorial has coordinated a donation drive to benefit Puerto Rico following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. The front lobby of the building is already lined with boxes of canned food, cases of water, crates of personal hygiene items and many other products.

Students in Spanish classes have been collaborating to create posters that publicize the initiatives for Puerto Rico. They are currently raising awareness and planning future fundraisers in the form of bake sales, food and drink sales at a school dance, supply drives and a competition.