Early College & Career Informational Night: Thursday, 1/18/18 @ 7:00 p.m. at South HS (Workshop Format):
Ninth and Tenth grade students and their parents will be asked to attend two workshops on the following topics:

* Workshop Topic: College & Career Planning:
* The important tools necessary to research careers and find out what is most important in the college admissions process.
* Explanation of the Naviance Program and how it is utilized by our district’s school counselors and your children to research colleges and careers.
* College Entrance Exams
* Workshop Topic: The Right Fit: The College Selection Process:
* Ivy & Prestige Colleges/Universities (Public/Private)
* State and City Colleges/Universities (Public/Private)
* Competitive Majors/Programs
* SUNY/ CUNY Two Year Programs
* Supportive Services

Participants are asked to pre-register via Naviance, Parent/Student Portals or the district website for this event! Please use the following link to register:

These workshops will be presented by our district school counseling staff in addition to admissions counselors from neighboring colleges/universities. You will hear what constitutes a successful candidate and the cost of the represented colleges/universities.