South High School Spreads Wings of Kindness

South High School Spreads Wings of Kindness photo
South High School has been recognizing good character and putting it on display in the form of a Kindness Falcon that adorns the hallway window outside the main office. Inspired by an assembly held this past fall that focused on cultivating kindness and paying it forward, students took on their own missions to do so. 

The presentation was led by Richard Specht of the ReesSpecht Life Foundation, an organization that stresses the importance of community, compassion and respect. What followed was a collaborative effort that involved the entire school. 

Staff members were presented with opportunities to recognize students for their positive behaviors by writing tickets that were exchanged for paper feathers, on which the good deeds were written. The tickets, along with kindness bracelets, were distributed by students and faculty members to those who earned them. The feathers were combined to create a symbol of South’s unity in making the school, community and world better places. 

Fritz Jean, a sophomore, was acknowledged for returning a wallet that he found in the hallway. “Everyone in the class started clapping,” he said. “It was nice.” Hundreds of other students’ acts were celebrated as well.

With assistance from students, teachers Tara Lupo and Jennifer Polletta cut out the feathers and emblazoned them with real examples of thoughtful actions, big and small. The pieces were affixed to a giant falcon illustration that was created by art teacher Edward Lee. The piece’s center states, “In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind.”  

South anticipates even more demonstrations of kindness in the upcoming weeks.