North High School's 7:10 Downbeats perform at SingStrong NY

North High School's 7:10 Downbeats perform at SingStrong NY photo

Valley Stream North High School's select a capella ensemble, 7:10 Downbeats, made its second appearance at this year's SingStrong NY a cappella festival and competition held on Feb. 10 at Adelphi University. SingStrong is an annual festival that features high school, collegiate, and professional a cappella ensembles representing a variety of styles, ranging from traditional Barbershop/Sweet Adeline and Doo-Wop to contemporary a cappella.

The 7:10 Downbeats, led by teacher Adam Thorn, is comprised of 24 students from grades 9-12. The name of the group comes from a combination of the time that they meet in the morning - 7:10 AM, and the use of 'downbeat' as musician slang for the beginning of a rehearsal.

At this year's festival, the 7:10 Downbeats performed "House of Gold" by 21 Pilots, with Luiz Felipe Lemos as soloist and "I Need Your Love" by Ellie Goulding, with Jessica Buontempo as soloist. Both songs also featured beatbox/vocal percussion by Vincent Centore. This performance also includes Selina Barnes, Jacqueline Blain, Jessica Sossi Romano, Morgan Dalal, Geralyn Jones, Shannon Morgan, Ayele Brockington, Justin Schoenfeld, Garrick Neuner, Anthony Terzulli, Matthew Manza, Christian Pareja, Jared Shapiro, Christopher Ferro, Nithin Seelan, Angelica Celis, Noel Paultre, Courtney Taylor, and Justine Woracek.

Congratulations to the 7:10 Downbeats on an outstanding performance.  Their next appearance will be at the Centereach A Cappella Invitational on Saturday, March 3rd.