Five North Students to be Published in Love Letters Anthology

Five North Students to be Published in Love Letters Anthology photo
Back in February, Writopia Lab announced their plans to publish an anthology series called Love Letters. The goal of the anthology series is to celebrate the people and cultures of Africa and Haiti. It called for students from ages 8 – 18 to write tributes to their families, memoirs of their hometowns, or poems celebrating their culture. Five students from North submitted their poems and memoirs, and all five have been contacted with the exciting news that their work will be published.  The following five students will be featured in the first series: Widjy Borange, Limandy Innocent, Ashley Joseph, Beverly Polycar, and  Slaed St. Paul. A list of their titles and inspirations are below.

Widjy Borange wrote a poem called "Remember" asking Haitians to remember who they are and where they came from while inspiring to be their best. Widjy said, "I wrote this because I want to motivate young Haitians to spend their time on something productive. I want them to know that whatever they doing they have to remember why all our ancestors died so we can live free."
Limandy Innocent wrote a dedication to her mom called "Thank You Mom" thanking her for everything she has sacrificed for her and taught her in life. Limandy said, "My mom is my motivation in my positive role model. I want to share my message with all of the people in the world who lose hope, to tell them keep trying. Never lose hope in your life even though it can be difficult sometimes. Just proud of yourself and believe in yourself." 

Ashley Joseph wrote a memoir "Strength and Survival -- The Denise ‘Miracle’ Joseph Story" about her mother and the importance of family. When Ashley's mom had a medical emergency, Ashley and her family feared that she might not pull through. Ashley's mom pulled through and Ashley views that as a miracle. She said, " I also want to share this story with the world to show them what God can do when they believe and trust him."

Beverly Polycar wrote a poem called "You Don't Look Haitian" that explores the stereotypes often placed on Haitians. Beverly said, "The inspiration behind my work is that I got the opportunity to live outside of my country and I got asked this kind of question “You don’t look Haitian’? I decided to write this poem to understand what they really mean because people are always stereotyping others." Beverly wanted others to see beyond the stereotype and understand her cultural identity.

Slaed St. Paul wrote a memoir called "Anne, Precinat, Casseus, St Paul" dedicated to his grandmother that recounts her story and his memory of her passing. Slaed said, "I lost my Grandmother when I was really young. I still remember, it was really important to me because my Grandma really loved me and my sister." He wanted to show how much people can impact us, as well as "the sensitive, proud side of a Haitian."

The date of the anthology's release is still pending, but all five pieces will proudly be honored within it.