South and Memorial Artists Bring Hope and Healing to Hurricane Victims


The Valley Stream Central High School District has made a difference to those more than a thousand miles away through South High School and Memorial Junior High School’s involvement with the Memory Project. This nonprofit organization serves youth who have been affected by substantial challenges and also instills global awareness and kindness within the participating art students.  

Under the direction of their respective teachers, Roseann Valletti and Darla Collins, art students at South and Memorial put talent, creativity and compassion together to produce gifts that will last a lifetime. They each created special pieces for children who have been through traumatic events as a way to show that they care and are thinking of them. 

South’s group prepared portraits of 25 children in Puerto Rico who were impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Maria, and the Memorial students did so for 20 youth in Haiti who lost their homes to Hurricane Matthew. 

The Memory Project delivered the completed works of art to their recipients and recorded the joyful reactions. They noted that the children enjoyed seeing the portraits and understood through the artwork that the Valley Stream students genuinely care about their well-being.

Video: Roseann Valletti

Video: Darla Collins