South Scientists Awarded at LI Science Congress

South Scientists Awarded at LI Science Congress photo thumbnail95856
Valley Stream South High School Science Research students received several awards at the 2018 Long Island Science Congress Senior Division, held on April 18 at St. Anthony's High School. Sponsored by the Long Island Sections of the Science Teachers Association of New York State, this adjudicated exhibit brought students from Nassau and Suffolk Counties together to showcase their projects.  

Seniors Taranveer Pabla and Zurain Merchant earned an Honors Award for their project, “Automated Baby Bath Tub,” as did juniors Anne Hwang and Zainab Rasheed for their work, “Elevated Biomarkers in NAFLD for Early Diagnosis of Hepato-cellular Carcinoma.”

Senior Zainab Kumandan received three awards for research titled, “A New Liposomal Formulation of PU-H71 and its Efficacy in Treating Cancer Cells in Vitro.” These distinctions include a Future Scientist Award, a monetary award from the Long Island Science Technology Engineering and Math Education Leadership Association and a Highest Honors Award. Yelena Bolante, a junior, achieved a special recognition and monetary award from the ASM International LI Chapter as well as an Achievement Award from the Long Island Science Congress for her work, “Improving the Resistance of Pervious Concrete to Acid Rain.”