Life Skills Bloom in Summer

Life Skills Bloom in Summer photo
Life Skills Bloom in Summer photo 2
The Valley Stream Central High School District’s Life Skills Summer Program has been keeping students engaged in learning and reinforcing concepts covered during the school year. The program, based at Central High School this year, serves students from the Life Skills program that is housed at South High School from September through June. The opportunity runs all summer long in order to maintain a strong focus on various skills.

Participants practice an assortment of learning strategies and work on assignments tailored to their academic levels. They complete problem solving activities, read Scholastic news publications that keep them up-to-date on current events and play games that incorporate subject areas such as math and literacy. 

Everything in the program is collaborative, which is demonstrated through the success of a business venture that the group runs. Their shop sells refreshments such as coffee, tea, iced tea and lemonade to staff members in the building. Students carry out responsibilities such as pouring and serving, preparing sales and handling the monetary transactions and practices cooking and baking and safety protocol.