Beauty grows in lessons at North

Beauty grows in lessons at North photo
Beauty grows in lessons at North photo 2
North High School students participated in the Hance Family Foundation’s Beautiful Me program in November, when they explored self-confidence, individuality, empathy and other positive values over the course of three workshops. Additionally, teachers were trained in the program’s curriculum by a representative from the organization.

Teachers and instructors led groups of girls in conversations and activities that supported themes of self-acceptance, good character and kindness to oneself and others. Students were asked to identify the qualities that make them beautiful and those they like best about themselves. Several students that already went through the program came back to assist teachers during the sessions. 

As a culminating activity on Nov. 9, students created compliment boxes and wrote heartfelt messages for each other. They practiced accepting compliments as well as giving them.  

Although the program is geared toward girls, North also implemented similar lessons for boys. While the girls’ Beautiful Me sessions were underway, boys attended workshops in self-esteem, males’ perception of females, advertisements and their messages and how to change stigma in society. 

The Hance Family Foundation started the Beautiful Me program after losing their three daughters in a devastating car accident. According to the organization only 2 percent of women believe they are beautiful. The initiative provides lessons that help girls of all ages realize their strengths and abilities.