Central Congratulates Coca-Cola Scholars Program Semifinalist

Central Congratulates Coca-Cola Scholars Program Semifinalist photo
Central High School senior Anthony Cruz has been named a Semifinalist for the 2019 Coca-Cola Scholarship Program. Approximately 1,900 out of nearly 100,000 applicants from across the country received this honor, which reflects their outstanding commitment to both their communities and schools.

Coca-Cola Semifinalists were selected based on their academic excellence, leadership and service demonstrated in school and community activities. Anthony is actively involved in his school and district, serving as the Board of Education’s student representative in addition to Central’s Student Council President and BRAVE Club President. He is currently enrolled in four Advanced Placement classes and was recognized as an AP Scholar this past October. Anthony also helps with outreach initiatives in the community. 

Semifinalists are now vying for Finalist distinctions, with the prospect of eventually earning the prestigious Coca-Cola Scholar title.