Only Love for Education from Memorial JHS

Only Love for Education from Memorial JHS photo
Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School has taken on the Only Love Foundation as its school wide charity for the 2018-19 school year. This non-profit organization builds schools in underdeveloped countries around the globe. 

In January, students and staff members voted on which part of the world they would like to support. With more than 225 votes, Guatemala was selected to benefit from the efforts. Those at Memorial learned that children in Guatemala walk to school up to five hours in treacherous terrain and face dangerous risks such as gang violence, kidnapping and getting lost. Through the sale of paper bricks, Memorial is aiming to raise enough money to build a school closer to Guatemalan students’ homes so that they can avoid these obstacles. 

The purchased bricks, which display the donors’ names, are displayed in Memorial’s main lobby to form a “Building schools one brick at a time” collage. As of now, more than $2,000 has been raised, as is illustrated through a thermometer and bricks poster chart that is also showcased by the front entrance.