Memorial Students Honor Role Models

Memorial Students Honor Role Models photo

Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School’s entire seventh-grade class of approximately 350 students acknowledged real-life, everyday heroes on Jan. 31 when the building hosted Hero Day. This celebration served as an opportunity for the students, their guests and staff members to come together to acknowledge the positive impact of role models.

Leading up to this event, seventh-grade ELA classes discussed questions that focused on identifying heroes in society and ordinary life. Students wrote essays paying tribute to their own heroes, and then wrote letters inviting these individuals to join them at the gathering. 

Organized by department chair Taylor Connolly and English teacher Beth Ann Corsentino, Hero Day serves as a way to promote and appreciate the positive examples set by heroes as well as the value of relationships. Ms. Connolly and Ms. Corsentino, along with English teachers Abby Spinner, Brian Kelly, Rebecca Noreman, Nancy Bresnan and Jennifer Brignati, coordinated various aspects of the event and helped students develop their essays. 

Ten students were selected to read their essays with their respective heroes by their sides. This year’s keynote speaker, English teacher Francisco Alvarenga, spoke about his grandfather. Following the assembly, students and their heroes attended a reception where they took photos and enjoyed refreshments.