Cosmetology students make up meaningful displays

Cosmetology students make up meaningful displays photo
Members of the Cosmetology program at Valley Stream Central High School created a hallway display in honor of Black History Month this February. Students Amanda Seltzer and Dialis Gonzalez joined teacher Barbara Liotti in constructing a paper mural of an African American woman surrounded by empowering words. 

The trio adorned their subject in foil earrings, feather eyelashes and a pashmina head wrap. She radiates handwritten words such as “freedom,” “strong,” “ambitious,” “independent,” “brave,” “luminous,” “diversity,” powerful” and “humble.” They also styled mannequins to represent talented African American entertainers including Madame C.J. Walker, Gladys Knight, Alicia Keyes, Whitney Houston and Medea, and displayed them in a showcase window outside the classroom door.