Students Say Hello in Another Languages

Students Say Hello in Another Languages photo
Students from Valley Stream’s Central High School and Memorial Junior High School collaborated for Foreign Language Week to converse in a variety of languages. On Feb. 28 and March 1, students from Central visited Memorial to teach their younger peers some of the basics that they have learned through their language studies.   

Prior to the gatherings, held in Memorial’s library, the Central representatives wrote out dialogues and created presentation materials. They then helped the Memorial students master words and phrases. The sessions reviewed topics such as numbers, greetings, introductions and more. The goal was to provide the Memorial participants with a taste of all the languages that the district offers, while giving those from the senior high school an opportunity to strengthen their own skills by teaching others. 

Over the course of the two days, students from Memorial explored Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, American Sign Language and Tagalog. Each Central volunteer taught a group of anywhere from 20-60 students, and did an extraordinary job in explaining the pronunciation, grammar and more.