Valley Stream community shares excitement for Memorial-Central Field

Valley Stream community shares excitement for Memorial-Central Field  thumbnail133764

The Valley Stream Central High School District held a ribbon cutting celebration to commemorate the unveiling of the new field at Memorial Junior High School. The field is home to Central High School athletes as well, and the ceremony preceded the Eagles’ first football game of the season.

Members of the Board of Education and Administration attended the gathering. They were joined by students, parents and other members of the community. Attendees expressed their enthusiasm for the new facilities, which include the synthetic turf field, track and bleachers. A press box will be installed next summer.

District and community leaders united with cheerleaders and other students beneath a blue and white balloon arch, and Board President James Lavery cut the ribbon.

Central High School Principal Dr. Joseph Pompilio and Memorial Junior High School Principal Bret Strauss both expressed positive sentiments.
“We’re very proud and thrilled – the kids deserve it” said Mr. Strauss. “There’s a pride that comes with having a good facility, so we want the kids to have the best we can give them.” 

“It’s a glorious day, and I truly believe that whatever you surround your students with predicts their attitude and behavior,” said Dr. Pompilio. “This field elevates all of that.” 

Following the ceremony, the Eagles kicked off against New Hyde Park. The new playing grounds, coupled with the overall excitement throughout the arena, proved to be successful as the team achieved a 25-0 victory!