We are pleased to introduce the Valley Stream Online Learning Academy for the Winter of 2019. This program allows students in grades 10-12 to experience the challenges and rewards of online learning while still in high school and earn a 1/2 credit towards graduation. By enrolling in online courses, students can work at their own pace and on their own schedule while exploring a passion or possible future career. This winter, the Online Learning Academy will offer the following courses:

• 3D Modeling
• Archaeology: Detectives of the Past
• Cybersecurity 1a: Foundations
• Health Science: Nursing
• International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century
• Introduction to Renewable Technologies
• National Security
• Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals

Please click the link below for the course descriptions and student contract. If your child would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please submit the contract to your child’s guidance counselor by November 1st!

Course Description and Contract