Perfecting Poetry, Out Loud

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Several of the Valley Stream Central High School District’s buildings are gearing up for the Regional Poetry Out Loud Competition, which will be held on Jan. 31 at Nassau Community College. Students have been involved in schoolwide contests in order to determine who will advance to the next level. 

North High School hosted its second annual Poetry Out Loud event on Dec. 11 in the library, where 15 students were tasked with picking out and memorizing a poem. First place winner Mari-Angeli Lugo and second place winner Ruth Ogbemudia will be contenders in the regional challenge, and Kayla Marshall Pierce earned third place honors. 

Memorial Junior High School held a Poetry Out Loud competition on Dec. 12, when the English department had students share poems for their poetry unit. Tolu Diyaolu won the eighth-grade contest and Djeynaba Sakho was the runner-up. For ninth grade, Victoria Salisan and Lindsay Guerra were the co-winners, with Anna Lobach, A'shya Dawson and Mubarak Savage as runners-up. Victoria and Lindsay will take on the regional event.

Central High School is currently holding classroom competitions in all classes in grades 10-12 and will have a school competition on Jan. 9. 

Congratulations to the outstanding participants and best of luck in the upcoming events!