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Districtwide Guidance Information

A Message from

Jill A. Vogel

Director of Guidance and Chief Information Officer
Phone: (516) 872-5625


SAT Night Powerpoint and Handouts


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the guidance portion of the Valley Stream CHSD website. We have included the information you need:

  • To understand graduation requirements
  • To see the complete roster of courses we offer
  • To begin the college admissions process,
  • To find out further information by providing pertinent links and help lines.
Of course nothing will substitute for a personal relationship with your counselor. We encourage you to take that extra step of meeting with your student’s counselor. The student/counselor relationship plays an important role in the student’s school life. During a series of conferences spanning the junior and senior high school years, counselors help youngsters to adjust to school and to plan the course of study that will best meet their future goals. Parents are asked to join in some of these meetings.

We also are proud to offer you a number of excellent web-based communication tools.

The first allows you to access your child’s information through a ‘Parent Portal’ into our student information management system – ESchoolData(click on the parent portal link that appears on the first page of the VSCHSD website – right side).  After registering, you can view your child’s current attendance, most recent report card, progress report, transcript and schedule.

The second provides you and your junior or senior ability to research colleges and careers as well as establish a college interest list.  This tool is the Parent/Student Portal to Naviance.  After registering you and your child can view - attendance, most recent report card, progress report, transcript, assessment and schedule.  You can also help the district to go "green" by opting out of receiving your report card by mail and just view it online!

( for Central High School or for North High School or for South High School).

Once registered, you can view information on the welcome page and receive individualized ‘eblasts’ from your child’s school.

Finally, all students can gain access to a college and career informational program called Guidance Direct.  You can access Guidance Direct at  

The Guidance Direct IDs and password are:
Central and Memorial– 9227611 (ID), V96S6608 (password)
North – 9225486 (ID), V47S6734 (password)
South 9220964 (ID), V96S33420 (password)

In order to plan a comprehensive, individualized program of guidance, the department provides:
  • Individual and group guidance sessions
  • Academic monitoring
  • Crisis intervention
  • Records of each student for use in applications or recommendations to employers or colleges
  • Access to extensive computerized information on careers, two and four-year colleges and scholarships
  • Periodic visits to us by representatives of leading colleges, technical and business schools 
  • Evening parent/student informational meetings, including:
    1. Seventh Grade Orientation
    2. Eighth grade introduction to high school and post high school planning called - Four Years and Beyond
    3. Ninth Grade - Early College Information Night
    4. Tenth Grade College and Career Night
    5. Junior College Night
    6. Senior College Application Night
    7. Financial Aid Night
    8. College Fair
    9. NCAA Night
    10. SAT/ACT Information Night

Students wishing to discuss their programs are encouraged to make additional appointments with their counselor. Parents are also welcome to avail themselves of information from the Guidance Department and to make an appointment whenever they feel it is needed.

My goals for the guidance department for the Valley Stream CHSD are simple – we want your child achieve at the highest level he/she can.  We work towards this by fostering excellent communication and support of your child and you.

I would enjoy input from you. The Valley Stream Guidance Staff is looking forward to meeting with each of you and helping make this school district the best possible for your child. I can be reached on 872-5625 or by email to

Saturday, October 16, 2021