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North Promotes #istayhomefor Campaign

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North High School senior Shannon Morgan coordinated an inspiring campaign called #istayhomefor, emphasizing the importance of being safe and taking appropriate social distancing measures during this time. Many students and staff members participated by submitting photos of themselves with signs that support the well-known effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Shannon collected and compiled the pictures to create a moving video (click to watch).

“My inspiration mainly came from wanting a way to keep the North community united during this time of extreme uncertainty,” Shannon said. “A pandemic like this uproots the entire routine that faculty, staff and students have of coming to school, hosting extra help, attending extracurricular activities, going to sporting events, etc. I wanted to create a project that allowed both students and North's staff to see that no one is in this alone because we are still one big North family.” 

The #istayhomefor initiative brought a sense of connection throughout the school population and provided reassurance that teachers, classmates and colleagues are here to support each despite being apart. As Shannon noted, it demonstrated the amazing things that a school community is capable of when coming together, even from afar.



Monday, September 28, 2020