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North's Mini-THON Carries On

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Students at North High School are moving forward with ways to support the Four Diamonds organization and keep energy strong for a home-based mini-THON event. Mini-THON raises money for childhood cancer research and to help the families of children with cancer pay their medical bills. Students at North have embraced the motto “For the Kids,” and are showing innovation and unity in their determination to carry out a successful effort that makes a difference in children’s lives.   

Senior Casey Wells is leading the endeavor along with her classmate Hannah Indiviglio and sister Ally Wells. Last year, they organized a schoolwide gathering complete with hours of dancing, music and games. Upon the Covid-19 outbreak, they quickly adapted their current plans and brainstormed ways to build up enthusiasm and engagement despite being physically apart. More than 20 other students have been pitching in remotely in order to carry out activities. Through a Spartan Social Channel and mini-THON channel in Microsoft Teams, those at North are able to stay connected and involved.  

April 20-24 was celebrated as the virtual kickoff to Spartan Mini-THON 2020. Each day was assigned a specific theme that helped raise awareness for children with cancer. Students shared pictures and videos for Make a Diamond Difference Monday, Tik Tok Competition Tuesday, Welcoming Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Freestyle Friday. Despite the shift to a digital-based initiative, the fundraising aspect is actively running – students have been garnering contributions through a Four Diamonds donor drive to purchase “diamonds” that can be displayed in the windows of homes.

Prior to the school closure, North held a volleyball tournament that raised more than $2,000 for Four Diamonds through team registration and a bake sale. Students in grades 7-12 comprised 23 teams that took part in friendly competitions. 
“We realize that this year, HOW we fight will be a little different, but one thing hasn’t changed: WHY we fight,” said Casey. “This year, while we still want to raise money, our main goal is to raise awareness and keep the spirit of mini-THON alive.”
The efforts are still continuing as North accomplishes its “For the Kids” mission!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020