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South Students Win for Sustaining Water Systems

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Three South High School seniors earned an Honorable Mention distinction in the Sustaining Water Systems category of the World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest. This award represents third place, and Rebecca Possidel, Samantha Ramirez and Denise Rubenstein won a $250 prize for their research and creative work. 

Thousands of projects were submitted from all over the world, and the South trio is among only two Honorable Mention recipients and four total high school winners in this category. 

Rebecca, Samantha and Denise created the video, “Sustaining Water Systems – Your Dangerous Waste.” They focused on the detrimental effects that improper disposal of certain products has on the environment and emphasized ways that recycling efforts can help preserve the water system. Their film communicates the ways that leaching and chemical runoff can occur when metals and electronics are thrown away without following guidelines.

Congratulations to these excellent science students! Their full video and a summary of their work can be viewed here

Tuesday, September 29, 2020