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Advance Placement Scholars

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The district is proud to congratulate high school students districtwide who have earned the distinction of Advance Placement Scholars.

These students were recognized for their successful performance on the 2020 AP exams. Across the Central, North and South high schools, 45 students earned the AP Capstone Diploma, 185 students earned the distinction of AP Scholar, 57 students earned the distinction of AP Scholar with Honor, 110 students earned the distinction of AP Scholar with Distinction, 12 students earned the AP Seminar and Research Certificate, and 17 students earned the title of National AP Scholar.

The district applauds all students on their wonderful accomplishment. Listed below are the names of students earning the National AP Scholar honor.

National AP Scholars
Central High School:
Gissell D. Duran; Trinity M. Kellarakos; Vanessa A. Reyes; Duncan I. Sheen; and Ankit Singh.

North High School:
Kristina Dormeus; Hannah Indiviglio; Uzair A. Khan; Sumaiya J. Ramsaroop; Marisa Tartamella; and Jessica Tsu.

South High School:
Justin D. Cange; Lorenzo Della Speranza; Christopher Fiore; Zhi Lin; Evan J. Miller; and Manal A. Moid.
Saturday, January 23, 2021