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Central Students Engage in Virtual College Interviews

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World language classes at Central High School participated in virtual mock college interviews in Spanish and in French early this month.

Students completed the interviews with a world language teacher from Central High School or Memorial Junior High School through the Microsoft Teams platform. Teachers called students through the Meet feature and conducted the interviews entirely in the target language.

Collegiate-level world language classes have been learning about college as part of the curriculum. They studied vocabulary related to the college experience in America and in different countries. The teachers asked students about admissions, finances, degrees and internships in the target languages.

In addition to strengthening language skills, this assignment was especially significant in helping students prepare for their own college application processes and virtual interviews. Prior to the exercise, students completed a writing task related to the opportunities of attending college. Students were also coached on etiquette, such as introducing themselves, making eye contact and dressing professionally. Those students taking Italian will complete their virtual interviews in late October.
Saturday, January 23, 2021