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A night of music

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North High School student Adrianna Kapusta, South High School student Maria Fredericks and Central High School student Madeline Grunin were honored as this year’s recipients of the district’s annual music scholarships.

The students received their awards at the 58th annual District Music Festival held at Central High School’s Keller auditorium on March 13. Proceeds from ticket sales for the annual concert, which is sponsored by the Valley Stream PTA and PTSA Council in conjunction with the district’s music department, are used to fund the scholarships. The scholarships recognize students who have excelled throughout their music careers in the district.

The festival consisted of spectacular performances by the district festival symphonic orchestra, led by conductor Tara Zamorano; district festival mixed chorus, led by conductor Adam Thorn; and district festival concert band, led by conductor Adam Erdos.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019