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Superintendent discusses proposed budget with students

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Throughout the week before the district’s budget vote, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bill Heidenreich visited students at Central, North and South high schools during their participation in government and economics classes to discuss the district’s proposed 2015-16 school budget. The budget vote is on Tuesday, May 19.

During his visits, copies of the district’s The Observer budget newsletter were distributed to students, along with an informational document for recording important information about budget details and facts. Dr. Heidenreich discussed with students the New York State property tax cap, discussed what a tax levy is and spoke with students in an interactive setting about revenue sources for the district.  He also noted what happens when a school budget fails and engaged students in a question and answer session.

“It’s always a wonderful opportunity to visit students in the classroom and to educate them on the fundamentals of what goes into crafting an annual school budget,” said Dr. Heidenreich. “The students were very receptive and engaged and asked many good questions. The hope is that, in learning and understanding the budget process and how the 2015-16 spending plan was crafted, they can now make an informed decision and exercise their right to vote on May 19.”

Wednesday, August 21, 2019