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MJHS College Day Sets the Stage for Future Success

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Memorial Junior High School ninth-graders began to explore the world of future opportunities during an annual College Day event. As a highlight to the program, students from Central High School visited and provided advice on steps the freshmen can take now to ensure that they are well-prepared for the application process.

College Day began with presentations from guidance counselors who represented both Memorial Junior High School and Central High School. They enhanced the students’ college awareness through discussions on topics such as transcripts, Advanced Placement credits, GPAs, competitiveness among schools and more.

The Central High School seniors, who have now gained personal knowledge through their own college application experiences, described ways to help organize the college consideration process. They explained the various types of colleges and universities that exist, from Ivy League options to city schools and technical institutions.

The seniors emphasized the importance of being well-rounded students and how participation in clubs, honor societies, sports and other extracurricular offerings are all valuable components to a resume. They suggested that high school involvement demonstrates students’ potential to stay committed, focused and balanced, which are qualities that colleges seek in applicants. They also noted the value of community outreach and how it reflects the positive contributions that students will bring to their college campuses.

As ninth-graders, the Memorial Junior High School students were encouraged to take this year seriously, as it significantly impacts their futures. They were also advised to foster relationships with teachers when they attend Central High School next year, both for support and to have eventual sources for college letters of recommendation. The sessions, which took place in each English class, concluded with opportunities for questions and answers.

Saturday, July 04, 2020