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Anti-Bullying Actors and Actions Stand Strong in VSCHSD

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On Dec. 16, two of the Valley Stream Central High School District’s buildings collaborated to emphasize positive behaviors and ways to combat bullying among students. Central High School’s Acting Concentration students, part of the districtwide Performing Arts Program, presented a series of vignettes centered on an anti-bullying theme for an audience of Memorial Junior High School students.

The CHS performers brought four short plays from the Bully Plays collection to the MJHS stage. The cast members embraced the opportunity to go "on the road" with a tour of scenes that connected to MJHS’ anti-bullying campaign. The storylines portrayed the ramifications of bullying and also covered the appropriate use of mobile devices and other forms of technology.

“The performing arts students did a marvelous job with all the performances,” said MJHS Principal Anthony Mignella. “The vignettes tapped into the students' emotions and reinforced the importance of being more mindful of how important it is to treat the people around you well and to make better decisions in life.”

Tuesday, December 10, 2019