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South High School Goes Back in Time

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More than 200 Valley Stream South High School eighth-graders culminated their studies of the Roaring Twenties and Great Depression eras with a 1920s-‘30s extravaganza held on March 18. History was brought to life as students came to school dressed as various personas characteristic of the featured decades and participated in simulated events from those points in time.

Classic cars were parked outside the building as the morning began, thanks to a visit from a local Model T Club. Students donned attire typical of 1920s and ‘30s flappers, businessmen, dignitaries, athletes, soldiers and many others, while music from the era played in the background and Jackdaw Depression photograph replicas lined the hallways. Ernest Hemingway, Amelia Earhart, Herbert Hoover, F.D. Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mouse, Hooverville residents, soldiers and stockbrokers were among the many historical characters that were portrayed at South.

The eighth-graders viewed clips from the time period’s silent movies, watched a Marx Brothers film and experienced what it was like to stand on bread, soup and unemployment lines thanks to eleventh-grade AP students who led these scenarios and Life Skills students who prepared the food. The event concluded with a Roaring Twenties party, during which students identified which ‘20s and ‘30s figures their peers represented.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019