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Memorial Students Visit Beautiful Frost Valley

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Forty-six eighth-grade students traveled to Frost Valley YMCA, located in the Catskill Mountains, in May to learn about teamwork and the beauty and importance of being in a natural environment. This two-night, three-day trip featured leadership and adventure courses, hiking in the Catskills, stargazing at night, and many team-building activities.
Through large and small group games, cooperative activities, problem-solving challenges, and building trust activities, students had opportunities to get to know themselves and their peers in new ways. Featuring high and low challenge courses, a 300 foot long zip line and campfires with S’mores, the visit to Frost Valley was an experience of a lifetime.
For many, the highlight was jumping off the giant “Y” tower and zip lining down to the cheers of their classmates. Other favorites were the blindfolded Trust Walk, the hike to a beautiful waterfall, and the competitive game of Capture the Flag.  Eighth grade teachers Laura Dunham, Anne Larkin, and Holly Lopez, began planning the overnight trip in September. Students worked together all year fundraising to lower the cost of attending. For many students, it was the highlight of their eighth grade year.
“We knew the trip would be an excellent opportunity for our students to get outside their comfort zones by trying new adventure activities and making new friends,” said Ms. Dunham, “and we got to know and connect with our students outside the classroom in positive and meaningful ways.” All are hopeful the trip will be the start of a new tradition at Memorial.

Monday, December 09, 2019