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North’s Leadership Academy Focuses on Personality Types

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Valley Stream North High School’s eighth annual Leadership Academy is underway as an opportunity for students to strengthen the qualities that build positive and successful leaders. Those involved, who range from team captains to officers and chairpersons of clubs and organizations, participated in a workshop about personality types on Jan. 9.

The Leadership Academy meets several times each year under the guidance of advisors Vanessa Coppeto and Jennifer DiMaio, who coordinate training programs and activities. The recent event was facilitated by Assistant Principal David Trizano. Students took Human Metrics personality tests online, then reviewed the various types of personalities that exist.

They group explored the ways in which people are energized, what kind of information they naturally notice and remember, how they make decisions and how they organize the world around them. In addition to analyzing the four personality types that were identified through the test results, Mr. Trizano discussed introverts and extroverts, realists and dreamers, thinkers and feelers and judgers and perceivers. The students also learned that a leadership team needs to include several different personality types.

Mr. Trizano explained how it is useful to be able to identify personality qualities in order to know how to best approach people. “You can learn to understand yourself and others,” he said. “Learning this will give you a leg up; you will have a better assessment of your audience.”
Wednesday, August 21, 2019