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SingStrong NY

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On Saturday, February 11, Adelphi University hosted the second annual SingStrong NY a cappella festival, competition and fundraiser. This year, North High School's "7:10 Downbeats" participated in the high school competition along with nine other regional a cappella groups. The group performed Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" with soloist Nicholas Sossi Romano and "My Shot" from the musical Hamilton, with Angelica Celis, Ayele Brockington, Anna Fagbemi, Nithin Seelan and Kiersten Lewis as soloists. North High School Class of 2005 alumna Mallory Duncan arranged both pieces.

The 7:10 Downbeats are currently in their 7th year. The name of the group derives from the group’s morning rehearsal time, before school. This is the first year that the 7:10 Downbeats have performed competitively.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020